How it all began – A Cautionary Tale !

I received an email from a good friend Phil, asking if I was interested in entering a navigational challenge for charity. Having done some similar events in my youth I responded positively – and so the saga begins….

Emails can be a very efficient means of communication but with more exposure to them we sometimes don’t take the time to read all the details that they contain. Phil’s invitation contained more detail that I neglected to take in properly before agreeing to participate. I thought I was agreeing to a one evening treasure hunt style event but in fact it was a little bit more serious. We have to purchase a roadworthy car registered before 1990 for a maximum sum of £600 and report to the dock at Dover at 7:30 in the morning on the 28th May. We will be given a destination, some where in Europe and we have to make our way to this destination using only paper based maps and our own natural guidance systems. Once we have arrived we are allowed to sleep and the next morning we will be given another destination and so it goes on for six days !

There are no backup cars, if ours fails it is up to us to patch it up and keep going. No Sat Navs, No Toll roads and no phoning home for directions!

The perceived winner of this event is the team that a) Finishes with their car intact and b) does so in the shortest possible distance, in addition and optionally c) Team members still talking to each other !

Winning is the small part, the whole event is designed to raise some much needed funds for Charity, in this case Cancer Research and we hope you will support us in this.

Well I signed up without reading the small print so I will have to go through with it.  It could be fun it could result in the loss of a car and possibly the loss of a friend but we will have to wait and see……